Did You Know?

  • Clean windows allow more light into your home, which can help reduce energy costs during winter.
  • Failure to have your windows cleaned regularly can lead to mineral deposits that can permanently stain your windows.
  • Regular, proper window cleaning can help preserve your windows.
  • Screens make your windows dirty faster by trapping dust and airborne particles.
  • Aluminum screens can stain your windows. We recommend using fiberglass screens.
  • Rain does not make your windows dirty. Dirt and other airborne particles do.

Before hiring a Window Cleaning contractor, the International Window Cleaning Association recommends you consider these factors:

  1. Does the window cleaner carry both workers compensation and liability insurance?
  2. What is the window cleaner’s professional experience?
  3. Has the window cleaner been trained in safety procedures?
  4. Is the window cleaner knowledgeable about proper cleaning methods and glass quality issues?
  5. Does the window cleaner present him or herself in a professional manner?


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